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February 26, 2007
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You have to pay attention by razimo You have to pay attention by razimo
I really really wish I had just posted this last night; after about my third mixed drink or so I was convinced - no, I knew to the very depths of my existence! - that it was the best drawing in the whole d*mn world.

Today finds me sober, and with the return to my senses comes the realisation that the drawing has.. issues.... not the least of which is Why in the Hell am I having such a hard time getting it coloured?

For one thing, it's been too long since I've done any digital colouring; for the other, surely I am not the only one that thinks that Painter is completely and totally counter-intuitive!?

Well, anyway. :) Balthy-Fran snuggly ( *scolds Fran* You are Very-Hard-To-Draw!), not half bad even if I do say so myself, I hope you enjoy it, and I can't believe that anyone is still reading this!
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chemicalkidd Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2010  Professional General Artist
Hello! Just in case you don't get any updates from the group, I wanted to let you know that I've featured this piece in a blog entry. You can see the entry here. Please let me know if you don't want this in there and I'll remove it!! Thanks a bunch, and keep up the good work!!

Souden Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2009
I know this is like..two years late, but looking at it, I think it's amazing. x)

I think what looks off to you about Fran is her left(our right)eye. It looks as though it's too far from her nose. Try bringing it in a little bit and giving her eyebrows more of an arch, rather than being so straight and angled. n n
razimo Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
It's, well, actually within a stone's throw of three years late. XD I do appreciate the crit, though! It's ridiculously rare that I get a comment from anyone that actually makes a constructive crit, so I always like 'em when they show up.

Three years later.

Celestiania Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2009
I can't believe I hadn't found your artwork sooner!! Simply amazing <3
Akraya Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I just came across your page and I love your drawings of balthier and Fran! They look gorgeous in this picture! Really great job ^_^
razimo Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you so much! :heart: I always worry that people won't get this one, and will be like 'Why did you make Balthier so tall??' .. and I'm like, 'Nooo.. he's supposed to be, like, reeeeaaaallly stretching, to get his chin up there on Fran's head. Standing on a box, maybe.' XD

Anyway.. glad you like!!
Akraya Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome ^_^ Haha yeah I read the comments on this piece, I guess those people just can't think outside of the box ;) Thank you for sharing this piece here ^_^ <3
Honda-Thoru Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2008
Very nicely made.Loved the discription it was very honest.A fav from me it's a lovely set of pencil lines can't wait to see it coloured.^^
razimo Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
Oh, wow.. I do believe I'd forgotten that this one was in here! Thank you for the very kind words on it.. I really should have another go at coloring it; I think I've gotten at least a little better since the last time I tried. :heart:
Honda-Thoru Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2009
Would be nice to see a remake just to see the difference over some time.^^
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